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Research is one thing that is a part of my life. I guess that is true for every one. We are constantly in look out to do something new, may be to avoid boredom. Well the answer is something else, I am not gonna get into all that.

My research interests are related to Web Mining, Automatic Summarization of document, Segmentation of web page, Pesonalization, Determing Query Goal and Search Engine Evaluation.

    Harshit Kumar, Sungjoon Park, Sanggil Kang, “A personalized re-ranking methodology by tracking user’s browsing behavior”, submitted for review in ETRI Journal.
    Harshit Kumar, Sungjoon Park, Sanggil Kang “A novel method of Extracting and Rendering new web sites on mobile devices”, accepted for publication in KES 2007 conference.
    Harshit Kumar, “A Conjoint Design for Mobile (taif) and WiFi (Ibhar) Internet Service in Oman”, International Conference on Service Industry: Challenges & Opportunities Sep 2006, Oman.
    Harshit Kumar, "Vis-a-Vis Different Approaches for Improving TCP Performance over Wireless Networks", Oct 2005, Journal of Suwon Information Technology, vol 4, pp 207-221.

Conference Related to my Research
WWW 2007
WSDM 2008

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