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I first landed on this planet Earth on 16th July 1977. Blessed by caring parents and one sister, who got me into DAV Model School, PitamPura, New Delhi, where I passed out secondary School in year 1994. I was reluctant but my father got me admitted into KM, Keshav Puram, Delhi University in BS Computer Science course.

During under-graduation I realized the importance of scoring top postionbut, now I repent it has made me greedy which is not good. Finally beautfiul days of under-graduation lapsed in July 1997, BTW I made it second in class, that really made me feel greate and confidence esteemed like rocket in the sky zooming across the solar system of this world.

Then, I had two options either to take up job or to study more, I was a kind of person, who always wanted to sail on two boats and still I am like that. Always taking 2 options at the same time, and then deciding at a juncture which one to choose, othewise i am gonna fall apart. Well, again becuase my father supported me, I got admission in MCA (Masters in Computer Application) at Agra University.

Masters at Agra was not a very pleasant experience, I guess that place was not as good as I expected. It was more like a formality to attend lectures, I dont wanna say more about it. Who am I to speak bad about a place?

During my fifth semester, got a job offer with Software Moguls India Pvt Ltd, and henceforth working on Java,JSP, EJB etc etc etc. I always felt boring working on these techonologies so kept on switching jobs, started teaching also (that gave me bit satisfacation, but little moolah). But I got one more field that I think will bring me contention, RESEARCH. There is no major development in Reserach also, though published one paper,and trying hard to publish more. My reserach intersts are Wireless Networks, Programming languages.

On the Personal front, tied knots on Jan 2001.
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