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DateLectureDescriptionFlash Animation
11/3/2006Lecture 1(pdf) Definition/Analysis of Algorithm/SearchingBinary Search
Sequential Search
18/3/2006Lecture 2(pdf)Arrays/ Representation in Memory
26/3/2006Lecture 3(pdf)Pointers/1-dim Array
01/04/2006Lecture 4(pdf)Structure/Pointers/2-dim Arrays/Sparse Matrices
08/04/2006Lecture 5(pdf)Linked ListBuild Linked List
15/04/2006Lecture 6(pdf)Insert/Delete in Linked ListInsert At Beginning
Insert At End
Insert In Between
Delete In Between
24/04/2006Lecture 7(pdf)Build a Circular Linked List
29/04/2006Lecture 8(pdf)Insert/Delete in a Double Linked ListInsert At Beginning
Insert At End
Insert AnyWhere
Delete At Beginning
Delete At End
Delete AnyWhere
5/05/2006Lecture 9(pdf)Stacks and Application of Stack Working of a Stack
Evaluation of Postfix expression
13/05/2006Lecture 10(pdf)Infix to Prefix and Infix to Postfix Infix to Postfix
Infix to Prefix
Postfix to Infix
Postfix to Prefix
20/05/2006Lecture 11(pdf)Queue, Circular Queue Queue
Circular Queue
28/05/2006Lecture 12(pdf)Deque Deque
29/05/2006Lecture 13(pdf)Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, Bubble Sort Selection Sort
Insertion Sort
Bubble Sort