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Internet Programming
Internet: Definition, Web Pages, WWW.

HTML: Comments, Title Tag, Heading Tags, Formatting text, create an email link, anchor tag, Insert graphics and align graphics, Format graphics, change page and link colors, navigation bars, Format table, Frames, Create Forms, Horizontal Rules.

Javascript: Client Side Javascript, Javascript language, validation script, Message Box, Confirm Message Box, Hover Buttons, Open New Window, accepting User Input, Changing Background color, Changing foreground color, Using If condition, Writing at the status bar.

CSS: Implementation of style sheets, Selectors, Fonts, Text.

If possible we will also do ASP, depending upon how you pick up the course.

Assignment: Each student has to submit two assignments.

Project: Two students will make a single website.

There will be a mid-term exam and a Final Exam; date will be available to you a week prior to the exams.
Text Book
1. Lee Dong Cheol, Park Jung Huh, Kim sang Cheon, Kang Dong S.K, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Ki-Jeon Publisher

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