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CP 6009 Fundamentals Of Computer Communication

Local Area Networks: LAN architecture, Bus/Tree LANs, Ring LANs, star LANs, wireless LANs.

LAN Systems: Ethernet and Fast Ethernet, CSMA/CD, Token Ring and FDDI, 100VG-Any LAN, ATM LAN, Fiber Channel, Wireless LAN

Bridges: Bridge Operation, Routing with Bridges, ATM LAN Emulation.

Internetworking: Principles of Internetworking, connectionless Internetworking, The Internet Protocol, Routing Protocol, IPv6, ICMPv6.

Transport Protocol: Transport Services, Protocol Mechanism, TCP, UDP.

Networking Security: Security requirements and Attacks, Privacy and Conventional encryption, message Authentication, and Hash functions, public key Encryption and digital signatures, IPv4 and Ipv6 security

Distributed Applications: ASN, SNMPv2, Email, SMTP and MIME, URL and URI, HTTP.

ISDN and Broadband ISDN: Overview of ISDN, ISDN Channels, User Access, ISDN Protocol, Broadband ISDN.

Textbooks: 1.  Stallings. W., “Data and Computer Communication”, 6th edition, PHI

Other Books referred for reference
2. Tanenbaum A.S., “Computer Network”, 3rd Edition, PHI
3.  Comer. D. E., “Internetworking with TCP/IP Volume I” 4th edition, Pearson
4.  Forouzan . B.E., “Data and Computer Communication”, 2nd Edition, TMH
5.  Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6), RFC 2460,
6.  ICMP, RFC 792,
7.  Stallings. W., “Computer Network Security”, 2nd Edition, PHI
Lecture1 BackEnd Network, Storage Area Network, BackBone LAN ,Topology (Bus, Star, Tree)
Lecture2 LLC and MAC
Lecture3Hub and Switches, CSMA/CD
Lecture4MAC protocols (Static/Dynamic)
Lecture5IEE 802.3
Lecture610 Base T, 100 Base T, etc. IEEE 802.5
Lecture8Priority in IEEE 802.5, Error Control in IEEE 802.5
Lecture9Fault Torlerance, Priority in FDDI
Lecture11MAC encoding(manchester and diff. Manchester), Comparison 802.3 and 802.5, Bridges
Lecture12Fiber channel
Lecture13802.11 Architecture
Lecture14Virtual Circuit and Datagram, Design Issues for Internetworking, Story of Ted and Ting
Lecture15IP Protocol
Lecture17IP v6
Lecture18Unicast,Multicase, Spanning Trees
Lecture19Routing Algorithms, Distance Vector, list state, RIP, Dijkstra, Bellman Ford, routing for mobile host
Lecture20 Transport Layer
Lecture21 ISDN
Lecture22 SNMP
Lecture23 Network Security