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Initially there is a LAN Refresher, which is a short tutorial on functionality of Network. Further Lecture contains material about the course.
1. Lan Tutorial
2. Introduction to Network Available
3. Classification Of NetworkAvailable
4. & 5. Combined Network Architecture and ISO/OSI Model
5. ISO/OSI Model
6. TCP/IP Model
7. Analog and Digital Signals
8. Encoding Modulation and Digitizing
9. Digital To Analog Conversion
11. Types of Errors and Data Link Layer Issues
12. Error Control and Flow Control at DLL
13. Error Detection Protocol(CRC) and HDLC Protocol
14. Data Link Layer in Internet and SLIP/PPP
15. MAC and LLC Layer, CSMA/CD and other techniques
16. CSMA/CD, IEEE 802.3
17. IEEE 802.4(Token Bus)
18. CSMA/CD IEEE 802.3
19. Classification of IP Address, IP Protocol
20. Routing Algorithms
21. Broadcast Routing, Multicast Routing, Congestion Control Algorithms at Network Layer
Further Lectures will be uploaded atleast 3 days before the class.