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Assignments will be available shortly..................

Why try to "solve" at all? Why not simply get the solution from somewhere?

Instead of trying to get the solution from Internet or from your friends, you are strongly encouraged to practice these problems on your own. The reason for that is very obvious.

•Homeworks, where outside help is available, constitute only 15% of the letter grade.

•Exams, where NO outside help is available, constitutes the rest 85%.

•From the past experience, it has been seen that those people who do their homework assignments sincerely (without resorting to any outside help), develop a much better understanding of how to tackle the problems on their own. As a result, they do much better in the exams than others.

•And, in this course, those who do better in exams get better grades.

We leave it to you whether you should STILL consider getting outside help or not