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Few Ethics are expected to be followed by the students in the class.

1.Always be in the class before the scheduled time. No late-comers will be entertained.

2.There will be a deadline for each assignment, which is expected to be submitted before the deadline expires. There is a grace period of 2 days, generally examination would be expected on wednesday, with a grace period it will turn out to be on Friday. I will appreciate if the assignments are submitted on time.(As now onwards assignment also carry marks)

3.Lecture notes will be availabe on the website, students are advised to go through the lecture notes before coming for the class. It will help students in better understanding of the concepts and will make the lecture interesting for the students.

4.Attendance should be greater than 90% as subjects like this require regularity and continuity.If any student misses one lecture, he may not be able to understand further lectures also. This will create problem both for him and the concerned faculty.

5.Please make it to the class on time. If you are late, enter the class and settle down quietly, so that you do not disturb the class. Please turn your cell phone to OFF or VIBRATE mode. Thanks a lot in anticipation for your cooperative behavior, I hope we will produce excellent results this time.
And, most important we will achieve the objective of studying this paper.